Thursday, May 26, 2011

Still here!

We're still here...just busy doing this....
And this....
Ryan doesn't even seem phased by the chaos of moving.
In fact, he is having too much fun playing on, with, and around all the boxes.
I often find random toys and toy parts in random boxes! Hey, he's just trying to help out!
Our house is just about ready. Final touches are being finished as we speak and next week we will finally be moving into the house we've waited a long time for. We are very excited to start a new beginning in house we are going to make a home. Next week can't come soon enough!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Outside, Outside, OUTSIDE!!!!

Like most kids, Ryan LOVES playing outside. He is the happiest when he is running around, pushing is fire truck, or blowing bubbles!

It's so great now that the weather is finally nice. We spend so much time outside and I love it just as much as Ryan. It certainly makes the day go by much faster!
If we don't have morning plans and the weather is nice then we are outside. After lunch if the weather is nice we are outside too. After nap time back outside again! Ryan will start shouting "mama, outside, outside, outside!!"
He is getting so much better about coming in without having a tantrum. He knows that coming inside like a big boy results in a piece of "key-u" a.k.a candy. Hey, it works!
Ryan also has to wear his "hot" a.k.a hat whenever we go outside. Last summer if I tried putting a hat on him he would freak out. This year he wants it on everyday. I think he looks super cute in a hat anyways so I'm glad he likes to wear one!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

23 Months!

Hard to believe that we are just a month away from turning two! This age is both fun and challenging...more fun than anything. I love the words he says and his own version of certain words. He continues to hold the title of being strong-willed but is so many other things as well. Here is what Ryan has been up to....

*He is repeating so many words now it's hard to keep track of all of the words he is saying.

*A few new words include, "Circle", "Milk", "Ice-U" (ice-cream), "Key-U" (candy), tool, drill (droo), outside, book, and Zebee (Zebra), rock, dig-dig (truck), Chooch (church), Mickey and snack.

*He points to every truck or car and says "beep beep, circle" and points to the tires. (Daddy taught him about circles)

*I especially love how he calls Cooper "Boo-ca". We have actually all started to call Cooper "Boo-ca" now.

*Ryan is a very loud kid! He talks loud, plays loud, laughs loud, cries loud etc.

*Ryan loves being outside and gets very upset when it's time to come in. We are working on positive reinforcement when he comes in without a tantrum. He gets a M & M for coming in like a "big boy". This seems to be doing the trick.

*He has had a major growth spurt in the last few weeks and is wearing 2T shirts and 24 months pants...he is still on the smaller side.

*He is starting to hate having his picture taken...hopefully this is just a phase.

*Ryan loves music, instruments, and dancing!

*He is not much of a fan of coloring or painting...prefers to count the crayons and put them back in the box.

*He counts everything, in his own way of counting...2, 8, 9, 8, 9, 8,9...Eight and nine seems to be his favorite numbers.

*He is starting to form 3 word sentences...."Bye Bye Dada See-ya", Night, Night Boo-ca See-ya"

*He adds "see a" in front of everything now. "See a bee" or "See a broke" or "See a milk"

*He LOVES helping mommy and daddy and especially loves helping daddy use the real tools!

*He is afraid of EVERYTHING...always has been. He is currently afraid of bees and flowers...weird I know!

*Every bug outside is a bee... (he gets this from his favorite book about bees)

I have to say that I am very proud of the little boy Ryan is turning out to be. He is generally very happy although can be VERY moody at times. He is always sweet, loving, cuddly, friendly, and silly. I love his personality and how he loves to dance and listen to music....just like his mommy! We spend so much time dancing around the house and being silly! I just love this little boy.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day!

My Mother's Day weekend was a great one!!! It started by an hour massage my husband had set up for me. I walked in to the hair salon for a WAY overdue hair cut and the receptionist said, "I have a surprise for you! Your husband also has an hour massage booked for you for Mother's Day!" Not expecting that at all and boy was it a nice surprise. I have the greatest husband!!! Yesterday couldn't have been a nicer part about it was spending time with my family. We started the day off by going to Chooch a.k.a Church and then went to take a few family photos at Cranbrook. Later in the afternoon we had dinner at my parents house and ended the day by going out for ice-cream at the dairy farm. All in all, it was a perfect Mother's Day and I feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful mom and to be a mom to a very special little boy! Next year for Mother's Day I should be holding a referral picture of our little Annie. So exciting to think about! Here are a few pictures from the weekend....

My beautiful Mom and Ryan not wanting to smile!
Ryan loved the duckies in the water!
Finally a smile!

My beautiful grandma!
Ryan loves his great-grandma!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Helping Daddy

One of my favorite things is to watch Ryan spend time with his daddy. Over the weekend Joey was fixing some things around the house and of course Ryan wants to help out as it is one of his favorite things to do. Ryan got out his toy drill (droo) and followed daddy around helping fix the things that needed to be fixed. Daddy even let Ryan use the real drill!!!! Being that Ryan always wants to be doing what we're doing, instead of telling Ryan to get out of the way, we take the opportunity to teach Ryan a new skill. Ryan is all about the tools (toos). He is so curious and is always trying to figure out how things work so it was a good experience for him. I've been catching Ryan using his toy drill to "fix" things around the house ever since. He even takes it a step too far and tries to "fix" Cooper with his drill!!! Cooper doesn't like this!

Using the real drill is so much more fun!

Giving "Cheers" with their drills!