Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My buddy...

Ryan is my little buddy and I am enjoying my job as a stay at home mom more than I ever imagined. I feel blessed that I get to be with him all the time and literally watch him grow right before my eyes. He is developing into such a sweet and smart little boy and I love him so much. Of course some days are far more challenging than others but overall he is such a joy.

It seems that in just the last week he has changed so much. He is now standing without holding onto anything for 15-30 seconds. He loves dancing and his latest thing is SCREAMING! Not an upset scream, just a I just found my voice and I love the way it sounds scream. It really gets under my skin because he does it ALL-THE-TIME and it hurts my ears! The best was when he was screaming while we were waiting in line at the post office.

He is so close to walking, just needs to build up some confidence....shouldn't be long now. He is also healing very well after his surgery and things are pretty much back to normal. We are in the process of transitioning from two naps a day to one. So far it's not too bad...some mornings are longer and crabbier than others but his afternoon nap has been any where from 2 and half hours to almost 3 hours. I can get so much done during that time. Things are good and we are all happy.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Date Night

Tonight my husband and I enjoyed a night out with just the two of us for the first since we brought Ryan home. We wanted to wait until Ryan was fully adjusted and comfortable with my parents before leaving him for the evening and having someone else put him to bed. Being that Ryan LOVES my his grandma it was completely fine and he of course was such a good boy for her, played and laughed, and went right to bed when it was time. Joey and I had a nice dinner out, shared a bottle of wine, walked around the mall, and got an ice cream. It was nothing fancy but it felt nice to spend some much needed time alone and away from Ry Ry. Of course we talked about him most of the time and as soon I got home I went into his room, picked him up and kissed him good-nite...he didn't even wake up!
Glad we had the chance to have our 'date' night! Thanks mom!!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

This past weekend was yet another busy June weekend but a great one. Ryan is recovering from his surgery wonderfully and is pretty much back to normal. He is however cutting 3 molars all at the same time but other than that...things are pretty good!!! We enjoyed celebrating Joey's first Father's Day with my parents, grandma, and brother by having a brunch at our house!. It was also my dad's first Father's Day as a grandpa! So a very special day it was!

Here is Ryan with his daddy! He just loves his daddy and has a such a great one!

Here is Ryan with his Grandpa! He loves his grandpa very much! Grandpa always tickles Ryan and makes him laugh!

Here is Ryan with his Uncle Bobby/ God-Father who he loves too!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Brave Little Boy

Ryan is the bravest little boy I have ever met. My husband and I made the decision to have Ryan circumcised and today was the big day. I have been dreading this surgery for weeks and have been so upset and stressed over it. Well, today was the day and everything went smoothly. Of course I was freaking out the night before because Ryan couldn't eat or drink after midnight and he loves his morning breakfast. I thought for sure it was going to be a rough morning but he didn't seem to notice things were a little off schedule today. We had to be at the hospital at 8 and his surgery was scheduled at 9:30. He did so good. He barely whined and was such a good boy. He even fell asleep in my arms while we were waiting, which never happens. The procedure itself went well and I am so thankful for that. The hardest part was hearing him scream and cry in the recovery room before I was allowed back there. He broke my hear today. He was so scared but as soon as they handed him to me he stopped crying. I held him and he sucked down his juice so quickly and while holding him I actually started crying. I was just so proud of him. I fed him puffs on the ride home and he couldn't eat them fast enough. Once we got home I fed him lunch and honestly I don't know how he ate so much so fast. Poor little guy was so hungry. He played for little after that and then napped for almost 3 hours. After he woke up from his nap he was so happy, as if he never had a little surgery with anaesthesia. Like I said, such a brave little boy.
Unfortunately Joey had to be out of town for work and couldn't be there even though he so badly wanted to be. My awesome mom was there to save the day and I appreciate her so much. So glad it's over and so glad my brave little boy is sleeping contently in his crib.

This is before his surgery in his fishy hospital gown...

So cute in that gown!

Recovery...check out his hair! The nurses just loved him and that crazy hair of his!

5 minutes after getting home he immediately went to his favorite toy

Right before bed....feeling back to normal...He was actually dancing in this picture!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010


This past weekend we celebrated Ryan's first birthday party with 82 guests. I was stressing out before the party, during the party, and after the party but it was so worth it. I've waited a long time to be a mommy and to be able to celebrate my child's first birthday with close family and friends was so wonderful. I did as much as I could to incorporate Korean traditions and decorations. We did Doljabee and Ryan first chose the spool of thread that represents long life and after that he went for the stethoscope. So, I guess he will be a doctor/nurse who will live a long life. Not so bad :-)

We truly have the greatest family, friends, and neighbors who in spite of the VERY hot weather came out to celebrate Ryan's special day. Ryan was such a good boy and didn't fuss once. He barely got a nap before the guests arrived but managed to put on a smile and was happy and content being passed from one family member to the next. He was such a good boy and even though he is only one year old, I think he really enjoyed his first birthday. Thank you to everyone who helped make Ryan's day a special know who you are :-)
His poor little cake I made him was a disaster from the heat...and my inability to be creative.. It tasted good though!

Ryan is still recovering from the busy weekend. He got a little sofa chair from his Auntie Kati and Uncle Ron. He absolutely loves to sit in it and drink out of his sipping cup. Today he fell asleep in his little chair while he was watching Sesame Street. It was so cute. Cooper as always was such a good boy but is very exhausted from all of our company too. As Ryan layed asleep in his sofa chair Cooper was sleeping on the couch....

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Baby is 1 today...

Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby boy! What a blessing he has been. He is growing up so fast and is learning very quickly and I am so proud of him for how well he has adjusted giving all that he has been through in his short little life. I also can't help but think about his birth mom today. Actually, I've been thinking about her all week. One year ago today she made a very tough decision and because of that decision I got to become a mother to one of the most amazing little boys. I am forever grateful to Ryan's birth mother for the fact that because of her we are truly blessed to have Ryan as our son. I am also so very thankful for the love and care his wonderful foster family gave to him until Ryan found his way to us. Although I wasn't there when my little boy was born, I know that he has always been loved and cared for since day one. I am so happy Ryan is in our lives.

Ryan is learning so much and it seems as though each week brings something new and exciting. Here's what Ryan has been up to...

*He weighs 19 lbs. 2 ounces...Peanut!
*He is 28.5 inches long
*He is getting his first molar...tooth number 9
*He says mama, dada, na na, and babbles tons of other sounds
*He shakes his head no
*He just starting pointing at things but points with his whole hand
*He claps ALL the time...especially after each bite of food. Sometimes I look over and he is just sitting there clapping!
*He loves bath time but hates his pool and water table
*He is still not walking but pulls himself up and walks around the furniture and pushes his walkers around
*He LOVES Cooper
*He gives kisses all the time....even to Cooper. He will just lean over with his mouth open to give a cute.
*He just discovered Elmo and loves him.
*He still sleeps through the night
*He loves fruit...pear, watermelon, and strawberries are his favorite
*He stil sucks his thumb and holds his blanket when he is tired

This next year will bring many new adventures and it is going to be so much fun watching Ryan learn and grow more and more with each week that passes. I know everyone keeps saying how lucky Ryan is to have such a great family but really, my husband and I are the lucky ones. Ryan is such a sweet little boy and has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives. We love you Ryan. Happy 1st Birthday!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...Model in the making!

I just love this little boy...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

We are only through our first of 4 busy weekends in June and I am already exhausted. Yesterday we had our nephew's 3rd birthday celebration and Ryan got to spend some time with his cousins, aunts, uncles, and Grandma D. Today we went to my cousins house for Ryan's first birthday pictures! He woke up this morning a little on the whiny side so I already knew that Ryan wasn't going to be all smiles today. Before he left for pictures he was sitting on the floor just crying and I was sitting next to him just watching him. He didn't want to be held he just wanted to sit and cry. As I was watching him I noticed that his right bottom molar is SO about to cut through. It looked so painful and I felt so bad for him. I was a little relieved that I actually figured out the reason for his whining and crying. I gave him some motrin and that seemed to dull the pain for a while. He was at the doctors this week and she said that his molars are ALL coming in. Poor Ry-Ry! The bottom right one seems to be a little ahead of the other ones. Needless to say, we didn't get a ton of pictures of him smiling...oh well!

This week our little peanut will turn one and this weekend we will be having his birthday party. I have a ton of stuff to finish up before this weekend I almost feel that there aren't enough days to get everything done. I know, I know, everything will work out just as it always does. I am totally the type of person that stresses out over things that in most cases always turn out to be okay. I seriously need to relax and try to slow down to take it all in! My baby is only going to turn one once!

Sorry no pics this time....will post some tomorrow! Too tired.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Swings are fun...weeeeeee!

Another great weekend! The weather was beautiful, we spent time with family, and my little sister got engaged!!!! We also battled many things with Ryan this weekend....such as a pool, water table, and the swings. He HATED the swings the first few times he went on them but now he seems to love it! On Saturday we went to a park with my family and Ryan seemed to enjoy being in the swings. For once he didn't have the look of fear on his face and he didn't scream or cry! Yay!!!! We are still battling the scary swimming pool and for his birthday we bought him a water table and he is also afraid of that. Not sure why but he is. We will continue to try just as we did with the swings in hopes that his fear will soon turn into smiles and laughs. Either way it was a great weekend and we had so much fun being together as a family. I love being able to do all of these things with my son even if he is afraid of them. It's so fun watching him experience things for the first time and overcome a battle as traumatic as the swings ;)
Should be a good week with the start of our ever so busy month that includes....7 Birthdays including Ryan's, 2 graduation parties, a wedding shower, a week of jury duty, and Father's Day...oh and this coming Sunday we are having the rest of Ryan's first Birthday pictures taken!