Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Walk

Every Sunday we have dinner at my parents house and this Sunday we decided to take advantage of all this snow and go for a walk. My parents live on a dirt road so each season there is something beautiful to see. It's a peaceful walk and one Ryan seemed to enjoy as he was being pulled in his sled by his Grandpa (Bapa). I didn't think Ryan would make the entire 1 mile walk without getting impatient but he had a blast! Cooper did too especially when he saw the Turkeys and Deer! Here are a few pics from our walk....

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All Aboard!

We have a train lover on our hands. It seems that Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse have taken a back seat for the time being. Don't get me wrong, he still loves watching Sesame Street and will run and tell me that Coo-Key is on T.V. and when he sees Mickey he still laughs and does the Hot Diggity Dog Dance! But right now, it's all about the Choo Choo Trains a.k.a (Choo Choo Awww's). He absolutely loves his trains or anything to do with trains. He has discovered a love for Thomas the Train and Chugginton! It's so cute how excited he gets when he sees anything to do with trains. Trains must always be on his mind because yesterday at the grocery store Ryan looked at the cashier and went "Choo Choo, chucka, chucka, Choo, Choo" The man just started laughing! Not to mention the very first thing out of his mouth in the morning and after his nap is Choo Choo!

Daddy's Slippers

Friday, January 21, 2011

Feeling Better

We've had a little bit of a rough week. I took Ryan to the doctor's because I suspected he might have an ear infection. He's been a little extra crabby and kept sticking his finger in his ears so I called and got him in right away. Turns out my suspensions were correct!!! An ear infection and fluid in both ears!!!! Do I see tubes in our near future?? Possibly :(

He seems to be back to his silly ole self now that the antibiotics have kicked in!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Day!

We finally got enough snow on the ground to play outside and for me to pull ride on his sled! He absolutely loved being pulled around on his sled and would get mad whenever I would stop. That's hard work!!!! Cooper of course was right there joining in the fun and loved chasing after the sled. He even tried to jump on Ryan's lap while I was pulling him around.

Ryan fell down in his snowsuit and literally couldn't get up!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...Puppy Love (Plus Minor Milestone)

*****Today is a special day because as of today Ryan has officially been living home with us longer than he lived in S. Korea. It's a minor milestone but definitely one worth mentioning.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

19 Months!

Yesterday Ryan turned 19 months old! Each month seems to go by more quickly than the last leaving me in disbelief that he is yet another month older. Time is slipping by so fast and he is growing so quickly. Hard to believe that he is already 19 months and in just a few short months he will be turning 2! Here is what Ryan has been up to:

*Ryan has had an increase in vocabulary this past month. He says many words but his newest words are Cookie (Coo-Key), Up, Happy, Baby, Pizza (Pete-Sa), and Stop! He has started telling me to "stop" when I am doing something he doesn't like...i.e. changing his diaper or wiping his face. We are working on not telling mommy to stop.

*He also says Tickle-Tickle (Ticka-Ticka) and will tickle anything from your feet to your neck to his highchair to his truck.

*Oh the Tantrums! He is really good at them and has several minor tantrums throughout the day. We just simply ignore them and they last only a few seconds.

*He is VERY strong-willed as I have mentioned before. He makes it very clear when he wants something or doesn't like something.

*He has started grabbing our hands and will try to pull us to show us something or points to something he wants.

*He knows how to shake hands and give knuckles. Super cute!

*We are working on our colors. So far, he knows red and yellow.

*He loves pretending to talk on the phone...probably one of my favorite things he does.

*He is really starting to play with other kids in a way he hasn't done before and is pretty good at sharing his toys.

*He cleans up after himself. If I even mention that it's time to clean up he will start putting toys away on his own.

*He is eating with a spoon or fork with every meal.

*He can follow a two step command. If I ask him to go and bring me his shoes he will even though they may be two different ones. Or if I tell him to get a diaper and bring it to me he will.

*If he is having a bad day and is completely out of sorts, Mickey Mouse Club House does the trick and calms him down.

Ryan certainly has his "crabby" days and tantrums, but he is such a silly little boy and has the world's greatest laugh. He makes me laugh every day and I consider myself so lucky that I get to be home with him through the good days and bad. I just love this little boy!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Big Boy Hair Cut

For a while now Ryan has gotten "big boy" hair cuts and each time he gets braver and braver. The last two times he even sat in the booster seat on his own rather than on my lap. We have been to several places and have had okay hair cuts, good hair cuts, and great hair cuts. We have finally found a place and a girl, named Ms. Erin who gives Ryan a great hair cut! She is consistent with how she cuts his hair and is very fast. The trick with Ryan seems to be a juice box. It is a rare treat for him so when he gets one during a hair cut, it keeps him nice and occupied!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011