Friday, March 25, 2011

First Family Forever Day!

One year ago today Ryan was placed in our arms and we became a forever family. It was truly one of the most special days of my life. It was a day filled with so many different emotions all at once. It's amazing that one year has passed since that day! Today Ryan is getting extra hugs and kisses. He even got a special present! We will be taking him out for a Korean dinner tonight to celebrate! CLICK HERE to view photos and read my post from a year ago! Happy Gotcha Day to my sweet little boy!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One Year Ago Today....

After a 45 minute drive, a ride up an elevator to the 13th floor, and a nervous knock on the door...there he was, THE most beautiful little boy I have ever seen, our son Ryan Kaon. It was the first time seeing him, meeting him, and holding him and it was one of the best days of my life. It's hard to believe that all this took place one year ago today.

One year ago....


You can Click HERE to read my post from last year after we met Ryan and his foster family for the first time.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lucky Me!

A year ago today I was preparing for our trip to South Korea to bring Ryan home. In three days we were about to board a 15 hour flight that would change our lives forever. I had a hard time focusing on one task as my mind was spinning in a million different directions trying to imagine what the journey to bring Ryan home was going to be like. I tried to enjoy my last few days before becoming a mommy but found that to be almost impossible being that I could barely hold a tought. Now, he has been home for almost a year and things couldn't be any better and I couldn't be any happier. As much fun as going our for St. Patrick's Day may sound on this beautiful day, being at home with my little boy who I waited so long for is exactly how I want to be celebrating. I am feeling especially lucky today just knowing that I have been blessed with the greatest gift. It's amazing the difference a year makes...can't say it enough! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

His shirt says "lucky me" but really, I'm the lucky one!

Monday, March 14, 2011

We're Having a Potty!

Lately Ryan has been coming up to me grabbing himself in the front and saying "uh Oh" or will touch his behind and say "ewww" if he made a poop! So, I thought why not introduce the potty. Yesterday I got out his potty chair for the first time and had him sit down. The first time around nothing, but we tried again about 20 minutes later and I suddenly heard his chair playing music. I checked it and sure enough he had peed in it. We all cheered for him and he stood up and looked and said "pee pee" as he pointed to his potty chair! It was so cute! Today we tried the potty again and he peed two more times in it! I know we are only scratching the surface of potting training but hey, it's a start!

Passing the time on the potty....

Thursday, March 10, 2011

21 Months!

My little boy isn't so little any more. There are very few baby characteristics left in him at this point. It's so fun watching him learn new words and discover new things and I absolutely love this age but part of me is sad to say good-bye to the baby in him. Maybe I'll just hold onto the little bit of baby that's left in him until he turns two! Here is what's new with the big boy....

*He is saying many new words and is repeating EVERYTHING! His newest words are "Ba Na Na" (Banana) Apple, Ewww...Poopeee, Bobby, Meow, "Alla Wah" (All Aboard), Owwww, Coo-Coo (clock), E-I-E-O (this is in reference to his barn)

*He has started humming the ABC song.

*He makes tons of animal sounds and roars like a dinosaur even though he is afraid of them!

*His eating habits have taken a sudden turn for the worse. He is boycotting foods that use to be his favorite and is refusing most meals. I am hoping this is just a phase because he is going to drive me nuts if this doesn't stop soon. I hate the food that is being wasted at each meal. I've tried everything at this point....

*His two year molars are coming in and is drooling like crazy and constantly has his hands in his mouth. He sometimes points to his mouth and says owwwwww.

*Ryan loves helping out. He especially loves watering the plants.

*He loves his choo choo's, beep beeps (trucks), and goes crazy when ever he hears a plane. His newest obsession is to line up every train, truck, and car he has into a long row.

*When we are driving in the car all I hear him say is "Beep Beep" a hundred times as he notices every passing car.

*He likes telling secrets and will pretend to whisper. So cute!

*He loves pretending to snore and will do this at random times of the day. He will also pretend to snore as soon as I lay him down for a nap and bedtime.

*He is a very good listener and definitely knows when he does something he isn't suppose to do.

*Time-outs are pretty effective for him. He usually ends up in time out for telling me No!

*His favorite thing to say is "Oh Wow" or Oh No!

*He can take off his shirt over his head and tries to put on pants himself. He also tries to put his shoes on and gets frustrated that he can't do so on his own.

*He is very timid and afraid of anything new.

I'm sure I am leaving out many things but it is impossible to keep up with him anymore. He vocabulary has taken off and it seems like he says a new word or does something new every day. It's hard to believe we are coming up on a year home. To look at him and see just how far he has come in his one year home makes me so happy.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bath Time with Daddy

Bath time is always SO much more fun when Daddy gives Ryan his bath. Actually, pretty much everything Daddy does with Ryan is more fun than when mommy does it! I'm hoping that it's because Ryan spends every waking moment doing EVERYTHING with mommy so when it's daddy's turn, it's a change a pace and far more exciting! Ryan had a blast during his bath time last night and was cracking up so I had to capture his silliness!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011