Thursday, March 29, 2012

Phone Photos!

I love having a phone where a can take a picture at any moment pretty much where ever I want. Some of my favorite pictures are captured through my phone. Just wanted to share a few favorites!
Trip to Whole Foods with our Favorite Friend
Ryan wanted to take a pic with both of us in his sunglasses
Cooper loving the warm weather!
Trucks in Rice!
Lunch picnic in our living room!
Potty Training is exhausting!
Coops relaxing in the grass!
My sweet niece Lillian!
Baseball with Grandpa!
First night in a big boy bed!
Last night in a crib :(
On a happy note I am SO happy excited that the Korean adoption program is moving again. SO many waiting mama's FINALLY got their travel calls today!!! I also discovered this week that someone I know that only lives 15 minutes from me who is traveling to Korea Monday...her daughter has the same foster family that Ryan had!!! She is willing to take some gifts to them from us! So excited!! Hopefully our homestudy will be sent soon too!

1 comment:

  1. That's great news that the process is moving in the right direction. You must feel like things are really starting to happen.

    That pic of Ryan in his undees cracks me up.